Yes, you will need a Google My Business page for your business or premises. This is free, very easy to set up and is beneficial to your business.

We can still shoot the tour whilst you set up your Google My Business account, but to publish a 360 tour we will need it live and verified before we can upload.

Yes, you can embed the tour on your website and on Facebook business pages. We are happy to help with each step of this process whenever needed.

You can also use 360 still images from the tour in social media posts
Most small to medium tours on average take 2 to 4 hrs to shoot and 2 to 4 weeks to edit, map and publish

This time can vary depending on the complexity of the shoot
There is no continual fee, only a one off payment for the initial shoot. This payment is split into a 50% deposit and 50% upon tour publication on Google Maps