Google Street View allows your customers to navigate through your property using the familiar controls and see everything you have to offer from the comfort of their own home.

Google Street View Trusted tours integrate with other Google products such as: Google Maps and Google Local Search. It also means a fuller business listing – which means a more visually appealing search result. Tours can easily be accessed via the Google My Business side panel:

The 360 panoramic images will also appear in the image carousel:

A link will also appear as a blue orb on Google Maps when users pick up the “Pegman”:

How it works

A Google Street View tour is made up of multiple fisheye photographs of your property – all stitched together using software to give a 360 degree view of your premises.

Starting outside, we’d shoot the entrance of the building, and then follow through the premises to show off all the key elements agreed in the walk through with our team members.